Concerned about your Standards Check?

Struggling with your Part two or Part three exams? 

Our Driving Instructor Development courses are bespoke and confidential.

Our one to one training sessions are designed to give you the confidence to go for your next standards check in the knowledge that you are fully prepared and understand the standard required for a successful outcome.

Part three rescue training is a speciality of ours, if you have failed your part three or are on your final attempt at part three our rescue package is confidential and affordable. We believe that you should only pay for what you need. We will not ‘rubbish’ other trainers but will offer you different ways to approach the way you teach. We will look at your teaching aids and if they are fit for purpose we will not try to sell you ours.

Please use our contacts page which goes directly to George Ritchie, our Director, who will reply to you in full confidence.