Minibus Driver, Car MPV Driver and Passenger Assistant Compliance Checks

We all know how important training is for drivers and passenger assistants who transport our passengers daily but how do you check they are putting the training into practice? Are they following good practice and working safely? Are they fit and able? 

With some refresher training being on a four-year cycle are you sure your drivers and passenger assistants are still complying with your training. Shortcuts can creep in over time and may not be safe.

We are offering an independent compliance check for both drivers and passenger assistants. The checks will comprise of the following: –


Daily vehicle checks inc lift

Driving: –

                Passenger Comfort 

                Vehicle Sympathy           


                Attitude to passengers and other road users

Teamwork and ability: – 

                Use of lift

                Working as a team with P A

               All of passenger assistants work as listed below

Passenger Assistants

Meeting passengers

Assisting Passengers: –

                                Boarding and alighting

                               With Walking Difficulties

                               With Sight Loss           

                               With Learning difficulties – disabilities

                                Wheelchair user – transfer to seat

                                Passenger handover

WTORS* (passenger travelling in wheelchair)

                                Boarding and alighting wheelchair users

                                Use of lift

                               Correct positioning of passenger wheelchair in vehicle over tracking

                                Correct use of tiedowns

                                Correct use of passenger restraint

                                Communication with passenger and attitude

                                Correct removal of WTORS

                                Use of lift

                                Passenger handover

                                Working as a team

We offer our service as a ‘live’ compliance check going with them on their designated route and observing both the driver and P.A. On completion of the check we will report back to you directly with our observations and advice. We use an online reporting service so that you receive the report the same day as the compliance check.

We will compliance check following your requirements and methods if they are different from standard methods. 

We can offer ‘spot checks’ if that is your preferred method.

The cost per check is £150.00 plus VAT for one or two person crew.

(*WTORS – Wheelchair Tie-downs and Occupant Restraint Systems)