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Three Shires Towing Training is provided by fully qualified Driving Instructors on a one to one basis.

Our towing training takes place in the areas where you will take your test which cuts out time lost driving to and from the training site.

We provide the vehicle and trailers for the test so you don’t have to worry about fitting extra mirrors, adding 600kgs ballast to the trailer, insurance and so on. Our vehicles are all taxed, insured for training use and test, also our vehicles and Phoenix Trailers and Ifor Williams trailers are regularly serviced to NTTA standards by Big Bear Outdoor in the Northants area.

Many drivers are unaware that they are towing illegally. Anyone who passed their Driving Test after January 1st 1997 is not entitled to tow a trailer and vehicle combination of more than 3.5 tonnes combined Gross Weight or Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM). To find out what you are entitled to tow you need to check your Licence. If it has B + E on the back of the photo-card and you passed your test before 01/01/1997 then you can tow a combination up to 7.5 tonnes. If only a B and B1 is indicated on the Licence – and you wish to tow a combined MAM of more than 3.5 tonnes – then you are legally required to sit an additional test. New style licences have all the categories listed with dates next to your entitlement. DVSA Towing with a car.

To put this into perspective: most horse trailers and some caravan combinations weigh in excess of 3.5 tonnes. Therefore, further training and a Test would be required to comply with legal requirements. Remember – it is the MAM of the trailer and not the unladen weight that is the deciding factor.

The Test itself takes around one and a half hours and is conducted at a specific site. For the Northampton area this is at Weedon; for the Bedford and Cambridge area the site is at Peterborough. Towing training is recommended as the test is not just about manoeuvres, a high standard of driving is also required.

The first part of the Test is an off-road session where you will be asked to reverse around a pre-set course to assess your manoeuvring skills. You may then have to demonstrate your ability to uncouple and couple the trailer as well as moving the towing vehicle alongside the trailer between these exercises, this exercise may be done at the end of the test.New Trailer Cover

Following the off-road session the road Driving Test commences. You will be expected to drive to a high standard taking the length and width of the combination into consideration and observing different speed limits. No manoeuvres are carried out on this part of the Test but attention must be paid to correct mirror use and positioning of the combination since towing a trailer requires a tighter line than driving solo. You will be pulled up regularly to demonstrate you can move off under control and safely. Consideration or oncoming traffic is also assessed.

For Northampton area training contact Peter Fenyvesi 07704 450 028 

For Peterborough area training contact George Ritchie 01933 626455  


If you use your vehicle and trailer for work i.e. towing mini diggers etc. and the  VEHICLE TRAIN WEIGHT (found on the vehicle plate or handbook) is in excess of 3.5 tonnes you may need a tachograph fitted and comply with the working hours directive, exceptions and derogation’s apply. Visit the  DVSA  website
or read DVSA Guide for Tachographs for clarification and exemptions.

TRAINERS  if you follow this link to the exemption certificate  it will download automatically and you should carry a completed copy with you.

We are currently providing towing training within Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Northamptonshire. (Test centres used are at Northampton and Peterborough)

Please contact us using the following link  Contact Us we look forward to hearing from you.