Three Shires Towing Training is provided by fully qualified Driving Instructors

Following the DVSA’s decision to scrap the B E (car and large trailer) driving test in December 2021 their advice is you should still have training on how to tow safely. Check out the New rules for towing.


Our course will take you through safe hitching and unhitching, safe loading and securing a load, how to tow with livestock on board and trailer awareness when driving on the road. See the DVSA link here Learning to tow


We will carry out the training in your vehicle and using your trailer so that you are familiar with the equipment you will be using. (We will be able to provide a vehicle and trailer if necessary at cost)


Companies, if your employees tow as part of their job then the HSE recommend in their Driving for Work that you provide training for those driving and towing for work. You may also be required to use tachographs (see below)


Please feel free to contact us for advice and training.    

Please sign the petition  lets get towing safe again!



For training and test contact George Ritchie 01933 626455 



If you use your vehicle and trailer for work i.e. towing mini diggers etc. and the  VEHICLE TRAIN WEIGHT (found on the vehicle plate or handbook) is in excess of 3.5 tonnes you may need a tachograph fitted and comply with the working hours directive, exceptions and derogation’s apply. Visit the  DVSA  website
or read DVSA Guide for Tachographs for clarification and exemptions.

TRAINERS  if you follow this link to the exemption certificate  it will download automatically and you should carry a completed copy with you.

Please contact us using the following link  Contact Us we look forward to hearing from you.