Three Shires Towing Training 

Who are we?

We are a long established driving centre who offer one to one professional driver training, our trainers have many years experience towing a variety of trailers including horse trailers.

 Why do we need to train?

When the Government scrapped the towing test in December 2021 they realised that there would still be a need for training to tow. Companies have a duty of care to provide training for all equipment they issue to their employees (cars, vans and trailers) and private individuals should seek training if they are about to start driving a combination of vehicle and trailer for the first time. 

What can I tow?

Following the scrapping of the towing test in December 2022 ALL full driving licence holders (category B) can tow any combination up to the maximum their licence allows. What means is that the maximum weight of the car, van, truck  you can drive is 3500 kgs (3.5 tonnes) you can tow a trailer weighing no more than the maximum weight that vehicle allows. In some cases that can be a train weight (weight of vehicle plus trailer) of up to 7000kgs (7 tonnes) and possibly about 10 metres, over 30 feet, long! 

What should I expect?

Our course will take you through safe hitching and unhitching, manoeuvring, safe loading and securing a load, how to tow with livestock on board, caravans and plant trailers also trailer awareness when driving on the road.  We work on a one to one basis which ensures you can have the full attention of our trainer, you can ask as many questions as you like (and we do like questions)  without feeling embarrassed or stupid and we can work at your pace. We do offer two to one courses for companies or for friends or work colleagues if required too. The off road manoeuvre we practice is exactly the same as the manoeuvre you would have had to do on the B + E driving test, an ‘S’ shaped manoeuvre and backing into a bay. We can also simulate any tricky manoeuvres you may have at your yard or caravan park using cones etc to keep it safe and let you practice.  

Where do I go for the training?

We have a training area in Peterborough which we use to perform the off road exercises followed by the on-road training and practice around the Peterborough area. We can do the off-road element in Peterborough and the driving elements in your area if preferred or we can use your premises if you have a suitable area of approx 50m x 14m for the off-road elements. In other words we take a flexible approach to your training.

What vehicles do we use

We use your vehicle and trailer for the training, we can provide an Ifor Williams HB 506 trailer as pictured above at extra cost but we currently don’t provide the towing vehicle. .

Towing for work, do I need a tachograph?

Companies, if your employees tow as part of their job then the HSE recommend in their Driving for Work that you provide training for those driving and towing for work. You may also be required to use tachographs (see below)


If you use your vehicle and trailer for work i.e. towing mini diggers etc. and the  VEHICLE TRAIN WEIGHT (found on the vehicle plate or handbook) is in excess of 3.5 tonnes you may need a tachograph fitted and comply with the working hours directive, exceptions and derogation’s apply. Visit the  DVSA  website
or read DVSA Guide for Tachographs for clarification and exemptions.

Please feel free to contact us for advice and training.    

Slide show shows our previous vehicle and trailer and the manoeuvre