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As one of the highest qualified local independent driving centres, we offer quality professional courses at a substantially reduced cost to you as a result of our low overheads. We do not have an unnecessary high street offices and we do not employ lots of office staff. The benefit to you is direct contact with our experts who will offer you a free consultation to discuss your requirements in the Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Lincolshire and bordering areas.  

Your Health and Safety responsibilities

The Health and Safety at Work Act states that employers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their employees who drive at work and to ensure others are not put at risk when driving at work. The corporate manslaughter bill makes companies and employers responsible in law for the driving behaviour of their employees. A prison sentence is possible for those found guilty of not actively improving the driving of their employees, particularly those they know to be at risk of further crashes through poor driving habits.

The Work Related Task Group which is backed and run by the Government has reported that driver training measured across 34 fleets including cars and commercial vehicles showed a reduction in incidents of over 60 percent after a training course.

What you must do and why

It has been estimated that up to a third of all traffic accidents involve somebody who is at work at the time. Some companies believe, incorrectly, that provided they comply with certain road traffic law requirements, e.g. Company vehicles have a valid MOT certificate, and that drivers hold a valid driving licence, this is enough to ensure the safety of their employees, and the public, when they are on the road. That is not enough. An Occupational Road Risk Assessment should be carried out in a proper professional manner.

Are the vehicles your employees use taxed, MOT’d and insured for business use especially those who uses their own cars for any work related journey?

The same Health and Safety law applies to on-the-road work activities as to all work activities, and the risks should be effectively managed with a health and safety management system. A driver training/assessment programme applies to any employer, manager or supervisor of staff who drive a car and particularly those responsible for fleet management.

You have a responsibility to assess the risks of your employees driving at or for work activities. You have the responsibility to ensure your drivers are properly trained to carry out their job and drive safely. You are also required to periodically revise that risk. About every three to four years is recommended and sensible.

Some scary facts

* 1460 people killed on the roads in the UK  in 2020    
* 22,000 seriously injured in 2020
* 115.500 road casualties in 2020
* One third of all crashes are rear end shunts
* One quarter are because drivers cut across another’s priority
* One sixth of all crashes are as a result of losing directional control

Benefits to your company

* Lower insurance costs; If you don’t call on your insurance company too often, they won’t call on you!
* Reduced vehicle downtime
* Better vehicle efficiencies; use less fuel and reduce maintenance, wear and tear costs
* Reduced accident repair bill
* Reduced staff downtime; time off after a crash

Courses and Cost

Courses will be tailored to your companies specific needs.

The most common type of company vehicle driver training course is a two to three hour in-car session. This reduces downtime for you and the employee. The trainer assesses the drive, demonstrates if necessary and then coaches in the areas that require attention or updating.

Both you and the driver receive a copy of the assessors report which clarifies strengths and weaknesses of the drive shown by the driver.

Your contact at Three Shires is George Ritchie, George is a Fleet Registered Grade A (highest) driver trainer and holds the Institute of  Advanced Motorists advanced certificate at the highest level. This tells us he is qualified to help you with your driver training.

Please contact us using the following link  Contact Us or george@threeshires.co.uk we look forward to hearing from you.