Minibus Training D1

The Minibus training D1 Vehicle
Getting started
The medical
The Provisional licence
The Theory and Hazard Perception test
The practical driving test
Our training

The Minibus Training D1 Vehicle
Our minibus training vehicle is the Ford Transit Tdi long wheel base.
It complies with the DVSA minimum test vehicle requirements which are:
Category D1
A Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) with 9 -16 passenger seats
A Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) of at least four tonnes
At least five metres in length
Capable of 50 mph
Seat belts
Examiners mirrors
The Ford Transit is easy and smooth to drive.
Minibus Training D1

Getting Started
On deciding to join us for your training you will receive a comprehensive starter pack. This will include all the application forms and guidance through each step.
Easy step – by – step guide
# Make your medical appointment
# Apply for your provisional Minibus licence
# Book your theory and hazard perception test
# Take the practical training
# We will apply for your practical tests
# Take the practical minibus tests

The Medical
You must prove that you are fit and healthy to ensure the safety of any passengers you will carry. You must have a Vocational licence medical examination. This may be organised through your GP or any clinic that conducts this type of medical. Your GP may charge around £100 plus for this!
We provide the contact number for far cheaper medicals through costing circa £49 at a location near to you normally within ten days. You will need to take with you the form D4 (enclosed in the starter pack). The medical lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Provisional Licence Application
When your medical has been completed you will need to fill in the provisional licence application form D2 (enclosed in the starter pack).
If you hold the old style paper licence you will need to send form D2, enclosing  your passport (or birth certificate) along with your current driving licence and two passport style photos. This is now free of charge.
If you hold a valid UK passport you will need to send this with your application, as it is the preferred method of identification. It means that you will not have to complete section 5 to verify your photograph. It also ensures a speedy return of your provisional licence.
There is a premium checking service available at some post offices for a small fee. This means that passports are checked by official staff then handed back immediately and saves the risk of losing your passport in the post.
In section 3 “The licence you want”. You must tick the box marked D1.

The Theory and Hazard perception test
The theory test for minibus drivers consists of 100 multiple choice questions, time allowed is 90 minutes. The test is computer based and the pass mark is 85 out of 100. Some questions require multiple responses. Along with the theory there is also the hazard perception test. This consists of 15 video clips, which contain a number of hazards that you must identify. The pass mark for minibus drivers is 50 out of 75. You are given the results immediately on completion of both tests. You have to pass both parts at the same time.

Test centres available in this area are:
Milton Keynes

The  Manoeuvre and Practical Driving Test
The manoeuvre test lasts about 20 minutes and the practical driving test lasts for approximately 60 minutes and the tests are taken separately. The standard required to pass is high and you are advised to take professional training. To pass you must achieve less than 16 minor driving faults, these are minor errors such as missing a mirror check or slightly incorrect position!
It goes without saying that a serious or dangerous fault will fail.

There are four parts to the test:                                                                                                                                                                             
# Reverse the bus around a cone and into a parking bay at a test centre (taken as a separate test possibly on a different day) 
# Describe and demonstrate some basic vehicle maintenance checks
# Independent Driving (following road signs for 10 minutes)
# Drive on a wide variety of roads
There are Government specifications for the bus you take your test in. It must:
# Be at least 4 tonnes Gross Vehicle Weight
# Have Anti-lock Braking system
# Have a working Tachograph
# Be at least 5 metres long
# Have extra mirrors and working seat belts for the examiner
# Be fitted with L plates

The driving test may only be taken from Large Goods Vehicle testing stations.
Local test centres are:
Northampton (Weedon)

Our Training
As a local independent driving school we are extremely flexible. We are able to offer bespoke training to your specific needs Including:
# Free starter pack with step-by-step guidance
# All application forms
# One to one training – unless otherwise arranged
# No wasted down-time sitting in the back
# Assessment session to see how much training is required
# Use our bus – unless otherwise arranged
# Training around the area you will take the test
# Qualified, professional instructor
# Booking and contact direct with the instructor, not offices or secretaries.

Please contact us using the following link  Contact Us  so we can discuss your minibus training D1, we look forward to hearing from you.