MiDAS Driver Training Northants Beds Peterborough Cambs.

Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme is a training course set up for those who drive minibuses for ‘not for hire or reward’ organisations such as schools, colleges, care homes, youth and church organisations.

There are two types of course available, Standard and Accessible.

The Standard course is usually a one day course for up to four people consisting of a licence check and presentation in the morning, eyesight check, vehicle checks and a driving assessments in the afternoon. There is also a multiple choice question paper based on the presentation. All aspects of driver responsibilities and safe practices are covered. On successful completion of the course a certificate is issued which lasts for four years after which refresher training takes place (slightly shorter course).

The Accessible course consists of the same elements as the Standard course with the addition of safe use of the passenger lift, assisting a wheelchair user to board and alight the bus and how to use the securing tie-downs and passenger safety belts in a safe and practical manner. Also guiding, steadying and leading passengers. This course is usually one and a half days for three people attending.

The course length varies depending on numbers.

For passenger assistants please see the page on Passenger Assistant Training.

Our three trainers cover Northants Beds/Luton and the Peterborough areas for your MiDAS Training but customers come from far and wide to our training centre and we can in some cases travel further to accommodate your training.

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