We are looking for Driving Instructors to join our team in the Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire areas. Ideally manual car trainers and especially for Bedford town area. We like to keep things simple at Three Shires Driving Centre Ltd, You provide a fully insured training vehicle and a good Standards Check Grade and we provide you with the following: – Regularly updated Website, Your own threeshires.co.uk email address, Progress Record Books at cost price, Regular CPC meetings, Standards Check advice and training. We will also provide you with Driving Instructor Development at a reduced cost, for example if you want to do more than train learners there are other things you can do such as Minibus, Car and Trailer, Instructor Training and so on.  

How does it work? We charge you on a monthly basis a franchise which is LESS than the cost of one hour’s driving tuition! No extras, No gimmicks, No false promises

We share the leads generated by our website which is why we ask in the contact page where they are based, this enables us to distribute enquiries fairly and to the correct trainer. We do not charge for new customers we simply hand them over to you. 

 email me george@threeshires.co.uk and start the conversation……………………………