Minibus Trailer Training D1E

Minibus Trailer Training

Minibus Trailer Training: many drivers are unaware that they are towing illegally. Anyone who passed their Driving Test after January 1st 1997 is not entitled to drive a minibus with a gross weight (maximum authorised mass or MAM) of more than 3.5 tonnes. In order to be able to tow a trailer you first need to pass your D1 minibus test then take the minibus and trailer (D1 E) test.

The Test itself takes around one and a half hours and is conducted at a specific site. For D1 E the test centre we use is Peterborough. The test is in three parts an off-road session where you will be asked to reverse around a pre-set course to assess your manoeuvring skills. You may then have to demonstrate your ability to uncouple and couple the trailer as well as moving the towing vehicle alongside the trailer between these exercises, this exercise may be done at the beginning or end of the test.

Following the off-road session the road Driving Test commences. You will be expected to drive to a high standard taking the length and width of the combination into consideration and observing different speed limits. No manoeuvres are carried out on this part of the test but attention must be paid to correct mirror use and positioning of the combination since towing a trailer requires a tighter line than driving solo. You will be pulled up regularly to demonstrate you can move off under control and safely. Consideration of oncoming traffic is also assessed as is a section of independent driving where you will be asked to follow a series of road signs.

Tests and training are in Peterborough however if you have a large area of hard stand in the Northants area then we can do the training in Northampton.

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