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Check test training testimonial.

After receiving a grade 3 on my first fleet check test you can imagine my panic when the letter dropped on the doormat for attempt 2.
After looking around for some check test training I was pointed in the direction of George.
My training with George was just what I needed. Clear, concise and well prepared. He answered all my questions with ease and put all my fears to rest. Our in car session was brilliant, helping me to understand the direction my questioning needed to take and ensuring my level of instruction remained at the correct level.
With many thanks to George I achieved a grade 5 today and I couldn’t be happier.
Thanks George!



When asked “what have you learned from today’s training session” our clients replied :

Fleet Testimonials June/July 2013

Peter Hicks – I’ve learnt  a great deal from this and will take on all that I have learnt today
N J Bayliss – good course, good training
Perry Day – Good training
John Cranch – Not to be complacent
Steve Day – Block gear changing, approaching the lights to go into first gear before stopping
Paul Simms – Instrictor was very good and course worthwhile, irons out bad habits
A Gregory – useful and rewarding experience
Liese Dales – Really enjoyed the course, certainly learned eco-friendly driving
Adrian Fidler – Learnt a lot about driving more efficiently from Jim, enjoyed the course
Lee Tiley – very good
Alex Olsen – Egham – I learned to be alert in good time when approaching pedestrians who are by the road side by steering away towards the middle line, I also learned to exercise patience when in traffic
Edmund Miller  – Learned a few things, worthwhile training
Brian Bowles – I have learned how to use the gears properly to slow down and save fuel and not to flash other drivers to let them go
Sammie Barrett – Totton – I have increased my driving knowledge and have been taught correct methods to slow when approaching junctions, roundabouts and crossings. Very beneficial, I will take aboard all comments discussed with Angie and aim to become a safer driver
Joe Darby – Southampton – Angie has good knowledge of driving and explains everything needed very well
Chris Lea – Warrington – Reverse parking and gear change
Ben Crannage – Merry Hill – Not to go down gears when braking, always leave tarmac and tyres when stopping
Katy Johns – Dagenham – I have some bad habits which were addressed, I coast too much and use unnecessary gearchanges. In the future I will drive better from the points given by my trainer
Heather Chancellor – York – Use mirrors better at roundabouts and brakes to slow not gears
Ian Hutchings – Bridport – Made more aware of road positioning on corners, once position has been gained the signal may not be required
Keith Readings-  Informative and constructive, highlighted my own suspicion of my slightly complacent driving attitude and how to remedy it
Tracy Bellamy – Barking – Thought I was a very good driver but realise I had picked up some very bad habits! Will stick with the gear change as shown
Jai Jahla – Ilford – Need to focus on gear change, perception of danger and fuel economy
Lewis Cole – Barking – How to improve my gear changing ad position correctly on dual carriageways
Natalie Collins – Basildon – Be more aware looking in my mirror before signalling, keep both hands on the wheel, don’t go down gears when slowing down
Tom Caton – Basildon – Need to stop using gears to slow down and use handbrake correctly
anon 05 07 2013 – to reach the speed limit before I enter the change in limit
Martin Stroud – Basildon – Mirror checks, Law on road speeds, gear changes
Colin Unsworth – Basildon – Modern way of changing down gears
Wayne Bamford – Doncaster – Extra use of mirrors and block changing gears
Brian Spoppani – Doncaster – Excellent refresher
Ed Gregory –   Bubble around the car, proactive safety and how to take corners at speed while in total control. V ery good.
Ellen Grindle – Glyn was lovely, very friendly and has made me feel a lot more confident with the van
Chris Hilton – Don’t look over my shoulder on the motorway, check my mirrors more!


Fleet testimonials April / May 2013

Anne Beale – Aylesbury- I have learnt that I need to improve my observation skills.
Martin Ridgley – Aylesbury – Think ahead – be proactive!
John Horrigan -Aylesbury – Picked up a few things and I think that my diving will improve as a result
Stewart Collins -Aylesbury – More aware of potential hazards
Andrew Baldwin – very worthwhile
Craig Devonshire – Made to feel at ease during the course
Kyomie Rose – I will use my mirrors more and use the zoo animals to remember the crossing types
Calire Alexander – This is good practice, I have re-learned mirror technique and its importance
Stacey Hubbard – very happy with the training, learnt a lot
Alicia O’Sullivan – Willenhall – To be more fuel efficient
Shelle Holmes – Willenhall – I have learned about bad habits I was unaware of and will improve, my safety as a female driver also
Steven Ward – Willenhall – Gears – Block change, pedestrian crossings
Phil Thipthorp – I must use mirrors more often
Patricia Yarwood – very helpful and informative, have learned an awful lot of good tips from the Instructor to help save on fuel
Adam Shorten – Thought course was a good idea and will help me in the future for driving safely
Terry Lane – Having previously completed the course I have used the techniques to my benefit
David Wells – Wasn’t really sure I’d learn anything but very informative, Glad I did it and will use a lot of what I learned going forward
Darren Errington – Very helpful to my day to day driving skills, good instructor
Kevin Webster – I feel that I have benefited from the assessment and learned a few things too
Chris Moore – Thoroughly enjoyed the training and learned some new skills
Malcolm Whitcher – Very easy to get into bad habits. I know I will concentrate more on keeping both hands on the wheel and mirrors
Kevin White – Great to hear Angies experience and driving history
Ross Martin – Hawkhurst – Very constructive, made aware of changes in road and driving laws, feel this has been beneficial in my work role.
John Cavill – Nice refresher on my driving skills and awareness, have learned from the experience
Chris Edwards – Very professional and informative
Ashley Harper – Better understanding of potential hazards, ose of gears on country roads, methods to improve fuel economy.
Scott Haynes – Lymington – I have learnt how to control my car better around corners and ways of saving fuel
Ian Corbett – Very informative



Fleet testimonials for March 2013

Greg Jones:- very worthwhile course and large praise to Eric who was very informative.
Katharine Lane:- The trainer was very helpful and informative
Michael Rangeley:- The course has helped refresh some areas that can be forgotten i.e. mirrors. Overall, v good
Tony Brassington:- One hazard one gear change, mirrors and awareness are what I have learned
Fleet Driver Testimonials for Feb 2013

Tim Sharp:- I learned to control my vehicle by using both hands on the steering wheel and the use of gears when travelling down gradients also use of mirrors.

Scott Prentice:- Enjoyed the course, has made me more aware of road safety and more eco-friendly

L Whiting:- Enjoyed the training, got a lot out of it.

Amanda Tann:- V.Informative and will help vehicle maintenance costs, thank you.

T. Shuttleworth:- Very worthwhile exercise

Lee Greensmith:- Good and enjoyable training

John Allen:- Very happy and explained very well

Sharon Warner:- Really enjoyed the experience with an excellent instructor, Sian, who made me feel at ease

Gary Hellier:- Very good and informative

Steve Hayes:- It was the first time in 30 years of any feedback about my driving, I found it interesting.

Siraj Chaudhury:- I found it to be really useful, I passed my test over 15 yrs ago and Angie explained a lot of new signs that I did not know.

Martin Jones:- Very thorough and informative.

Deborah Nunn:- I was shown how to improve my driving by looking out for dangers that had become complacent to me, Would definitely do this again, very useful and helpful.

Paul Bailey:- made aware of what could become bad habits always nice to be re-assured

Ray Hughes:- Good refresher which will help my driving.

B + E car and trailer test 20/02/2013

Liz:- George, Many thanks for all your help and support in my training and passing the test– phew!

Fleet Driver testimonials 22/01/2013


Andrew Wright, Very professional


Bethany Wiseman, I enjoyed my training, felt very comfortable and the questions I asked were answered and explained, Thank You.

Claire Oxley, Really pleased with the advice given, will definitely help to improve my driving


Lee Smith, Was made aware of speed change distance needed, very comfortable drive

Hemel Hempsted

Harry Cunningham, Very friendly, helpful trainer

Dean Quick, Instructor was very good, made it very comfortable to drive as I normally would feel pressured.


Fleet Driver Testimonials 20/12/2012

East Grinstead

Alister Hutcheson, Good, positive worthwhile experience.


Nick Chandi, Overall I had concerns as I was using my own vehicle but it was a well worth refresher for me and I learnt a few things I never knew before, Peter could not have done it better, well done.

Sharon Gipson, Made very enjoyable and interesting.

Paul Lenton, Some very useful tips and advice given.


Ian Cocks, Trainer was very informed on advice for people who drive a lot.

Leanne Matthews, felt the lesson helped me a lot in a vehicle I had never driven and I would recommend people to have a lesson to improve the way they drive their new vehicles.


Iain Schofield, very good course. Has made me think about my driving and how I can improve it.

Stacey Keyes, great course and lots of information provided.


Philip Morley, Angie was a great instructor and has taught me to drive safer and helped me with any questions I needed answering, very worthwhile.

Terry Rogers, I felt at ease with the trainer, I felt it was worthwhile

Sam Lee, very informative and good refresher, very relaxed.

John Pratley, Useful refresher – easy to slip into bad habits. Quite good fun too!


Robert McFredies- Taylor, very informative course, I have learned to improve my driving as a result and will continue to do so in the future

Mark Hoadley, Very good and informative in pointing out areas to improve in driving.

Bognor Regis

Simon Merry, Good instruction, very informative, a lot learnt.

Paul McCaffery, I found the instructor easy to get on with and she did point out a couple of flaws which I did not realise I had, very informative

Karen Weller, This was a much better experience than I had expected, Angie was friendly but informative.


Clive Mongan, very informative and a good refresher. Very relaxed instructor and very professional.


Passenger Assistant and Accessible Minibus Refresher Training 22/11/2012

Houghton Regis

Course was excellent, just what was required, no rain but a bit cold!

Rebecca Flowerdew, Fleet Service and Operations Team Leader, Central Bedfordshire Council.


Fleet Driver Testimonials 24/11/2012


Michael Vaughan,  Glyn was courteous and gave me confidence in the task required with no pressure. Post training information from Glyn was clear and concise


Becky Sharp, Great training

Suresh Patel, Very polite trainer, easy to talk to

Callie Howe, I now feel more confident in my driving than this morning and will improve on the issues that were raised. Very good.

Youseff Maziane, Good course to do as it highlights your weaknesses so you become more aware and safer in your driving

Shamir Ram, Was a very good experience. It helped me to refresh my driving skills and safety



Cyril Turnbull,  Enjoyable session I feel this will benefit my future driving

Karl Mcann,   James was clear and concise and explained everything with reasons. I feel I can save fuel and have learned some new things.


St Helens

Stuart Dunwoodie, Very useful



Robin Bawn,  it was an enjoyable training course

Les Lefort,  Angie made me feel at ease

Tim Barton,  was an enjoyable experience



Rob Walker,  Picked up on a few bad habits I have and assessed them, will improve my driving

Emily Smith, Very useful and was made to feel very comfortable during the assessment

Alex Ward, Excellent Trainer


Fleet Driver Testimonials 27/10/2012

G Underwood – Very worthwhile

A Gosney – Informative, particularly on potential cost savings linked to fuel. Use of gears/braking system in a more efficient manner beneficial.

M Pratt – Very beneficial and positive experience, thought provoking info which has raised awareness of road hazards.

A Knight Testimonial


Fleet Driver Training Testimonials 26/09/2012

Paul Pettet – Made me aware of faults that I have but didn’t realise, very helpful and friendly trainer.

Darren Cole – Informative training, will help me get out of my bad habits!

Kareena Duck – Very helpful and refreshing course, will make a much more conscious effort to work on my minor faults.

Sara Lannon – A comfortable and informative experience, have changed some very bad habits!

Richard Summers – I will make sure I carry out vehicle checks, its always good to have updated training.

Roy Miller – Very worthwhile.

Stephanie Turley – Thoroughly enjoyed the course as Angie made me feel very comfortable and at ease, very informative.


Learner Driver Testimonial 18/09/2012

Rachel Foster –  Thanks to Shirley, such a great instructor!!!  Rachel passed her test in Bedford


Fleet Driver Training Testimonials 14/09/2012


Phil Petre – Excellent training, Thank you!

Phil Rimmer – Very informative and professional – good tips and advice.

Jim Farrell – No problems – informative and helpful


Mike Doherty – Training good and will put it into practice


Fleet Driver Training Testimonials 02/09/2012


John Waite – Angie was very helpful and explained everything I asked very well

Andrew Groom – This has highlited problem areas and bad habits that I will take on board and re-evaluate the way I drive

Scott Kerr – Helpful instructor. Nice refresher.


Andrew Julien – The session went well, Angie directed me thoroughly and I now have a clearer understanding about how I should drive and what is expected.

Andrew Christou – Very good course, thank you.

Maria Mustafa – It was really useful as I am a confident driver who has many years experience, reminded me of the little things / habits I have to work on. Overall worthwhile.


Fleet Driver  Training Testimonials 31/08/2012

Brian Prime – North Watford – A great experience – Learned a lot in a short time to correct bad habits!

Fleet Driver Training Testimonials 20/08/2012

Simon Battishill – Ormskirk – Excellent course, enjoyed it and have learned some new skills to take away and save money! Thank you.

Driver appraisal testimonial 09/08/2012

Dear George, thank you very much for the help you have given to me with the appraisal. You have certainly given back my confidence in driving, which I have always enjoyed. Yours very sincerely. A.R.

Fleet Testimonials updated 02/08/2012

Toni Biggerstaff – Heartford – I learned how to judge the 2 second rule whilst driving and the importance of the colours of the reflectors on the road.

Richard Nash – Hertford – Very good training, will be able to drive more safely on the road, learned a few things I had forgotten.

Zoe Yates – Hertford – Exercise was very good I learned a lot about my driving

Tony Cooper – Hertford – Very good exercise, very good teacher. I have learned about my driving today

Baz Patel – Horsham – Found training very useful can’t wait for next one

Gemma Bailey – Horsham – Trainer was friendly and made me feel comfortable

Paula Holloway – Horsham – An imformative and relaxed course

Instructor Development in conjunction with adindi updated 31/07/2012

I just passed my fleet driver trainer diploma course, on this occasion I would like to thank Neville at Three Shires Driving Centre for his high standard of training, patience and support throughout the course. I will recommend Neville to anyone who wants to learn from one of the best trainers in this industry.

Peter Fenyvesi ADI 18/07/’12

Fleet Testimonials updated 31/07/2012

David Naisbett – Peterlee – Everything was explained very clearly on the training, very beneficial. 25/07/2012

Chris Kane – Peterlee – Really Helpful 25/07/2012

Graeme Bell – Yeovil – very worthwhile – useful knowledge gained 03/07/2012
Alan Dent  – Yeovil – Opens your eyes to hazards and makes you more aware of potential problems 03/07/2012
Jason Parsons – Yeovil – Trainer made me feel relaxed – I enjoyed the session 03/07/2012
Rebekah Crawford – Yeovil – Very helpful and it refreshed my knowledge 03/07/2012

Shaun Little  – Weymouth – I don’t like tests! this assessment however made me feel at ease 02/07/2012
Richard Bishop – Weymouth – Trainer brilliant – Gold Star! 02/07/2012
Rowena Frost – Weymouth – Very educational, some habits I need to change 02/07/2012

Marcel – Bridport – Good refresher on roadsigns and what they mean 02/07/2012

Kerry James – Taunton – Really enjoyable and quite advantageous 25/06/2012
Edd Goode – Taunton – All very helpful 25/06/2012
Jon Ibberson – Taunton – Poins made I had not considered since passing my test, I am now more aware and will think more about what I and others are doing 25/06/2012

Stephen Durbin – Bridgewater – I was picked up on my driving on a few faults I didn’t realise I was doing 25/06/2012
Joan Upfield – Bridgewater – I felt happy and at ease during training 25/06/2012
Kevin Phelps – Dridgewater – You can never Know enough and I picked up a few tips on where improvements can be made 25/06/2012

Damian Warburton – Manchester – Good experience, well worth doing 27/06/2012

All testimonials are held on file and are available for inspection.