With the scrapping of the towing test we shouldn’t be lulled into thinking that we can just hitch up and go. If you have never towed before there is a lot to learn and understand before you do. The law regarding towing has changed and now you can tow legally with a vehicle with a gross weight of up to 3.5 tonnes (not including minibuses) without the need to take a further test.

What should you do? you really should seek training, in the New Year there will be a new accredited towing course launched by the DVSA and other parties. In the meantime follow the Government’s recommendations and have training with a qualified trainer who will steer you through the safety and manoeuvring elements and train you on how to tow safely on the road. The Government and DVSA advice if found below and our advice is found here https://threeshires.co.uk/towing-training/towing