Learners – Getting Started

Before you can have your first driving lesson:

1. You must have a provisional Driving Licence.

If you have yours already – great.

If not, you need to get an “Application for a Driving Licence” form, D1 from a Post Office.
(You can apply for a Provisional Driving Licence two months prior to your 17th birthday, so when you receive it, it will be valid from your 17th birthday).

You’ll also need to get two colour, passport style photographs of yourself to send off with your application.

There is a fee payable with the application and you’ll need two forms of identification to get your licence. The requirements are set out in two leaflets accompanying the application form (D100 and INF1D).

2. You can book your first lesson now, but bear in mind that you will have to show your licence to your instructor at the start of your first lesson, and the licence will take a couple of weeks to come through.

3. Also, at the start of your first lesson, you will be asked to read a vehicle number plate at a minimum distance of 20.5 metres (about 67 feet). If you need glasses or contact lenses to read the number plate, that’s fine, but you must wear them when you drive.

4. A note about the Theory Test (have a practice here). It’s not necessary to have passed your Theory Test (which includes the Hazard Perception test) prior to starting your driving lessons, but you will need to have passed it before you can book your practical test.

The best way to acquire the knowledge and skills required for the Theory test is to ask your driving instructor to recommend training or if they can sign you up to ‘Theory Test Pro’ which is an online learning website.

Both the Highway Code and the Know Your Traffic Signs are available on-line so all you have to do is click here Highway Code and here Know your Traffic signs and you will go straight to the sites.

We will of course provide guidance if it’s needed for the theory test, do some studying and practice the Hazard Perception test, you should be OK.