Lesson Structure

All training demands a structure and at Three Shires Driving Centre Ltd we like to follow current teaching practices such as client centred learning, sharing risk and joint problem solving. We will guide you, with your approval, through the structure so that you learn in a logical order and each learning experience should be achievable with a little hard work on both sides.  

So, the main subjects include:

How to get the car ready for you to drive
Hand and foot controls
Moving off and stopping
Turning from Major into Minor Roads
Emerging from minor into Major roads
Dealing with Crossroads
How to use Roundabouts
Meeting approaching traffic
Pedestrian Crossings
Emergency Stop


Independent Driving with and without Sat Nav 

Along the way, we also take in other topics required for the driving test, like safety checks, mirrors, hazards, signalling, controlling your speed, making progress, awareness and anticipation and selecting a safe place to stop.

As we move through the program, your instructor will update your progress book so you’ll know what you’ve covered and to what standard, whats left to cover and the things you need to practice.

If you’ve already covered some of these subjects with a different driving instructor in the past, then your driving instructor will tailor your lessons accordingly.