Cardington Roundabout Bedford

Roundabouts are designed to help increase the flow of traffic at busy junctions, treat them as you would any junction with lots of observation. Your main area of danger is from your right as the traffic flows in a clockwise direction. Check the other entry roads too as traffic from the other entry roads can block the traffic emerging from your right and allow you to proceed. I am sure your instructor will help you with this.

Have you had issues with the Cardington Roundabout Bedford? we have put a simple guide to the roundabout on a presentation for you to download. The main areas you need to focus on at the roundabout are identifying the road signs to help decide where you are going, identify the road markings to let you know which lane you need to be in and deciding if you need a signal and if you do when to use it.

Once it is safe to go then keep checking the above three areas and you will know where you are going and in what lane. Some roundabouts have concentric lanes, all this means is that once you have chosen the lane you need, the lane will take you to the exit you need. Watch out for these as the first time you use one they can appear to be a little tricky however with practice you will see that they are very safe. The Cardington Roundabout Bedford has concentric lanes.

Stay safe.

Download the Cardington Roundabout Bedford Power Point presentation from the link below.Cardington Roundabout Bedford road to the test centre

How to survive Cardington Roundabout

If you are having difficulty with the presentation download please contact us using the contact page on the top menu or feel free to click through from here, I need some help with the roundabout!!!