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Three Shires Driving Centre is your local, leading independent, qualified driver training centre. From driving company cars, minibuses and accessible vehicles as well as towing, get safely qualified with the friendly experts at Three Shires Driving Centre.

 Minibus – MiDAS – Fleet – we cover Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire and bordering areas and further afield on request

Towing Safely – the new advice

With the scrapping of the towing test we shouldn't be lulled into thinking that we can just hitch up and go. If you have never towed before there is a lot to learn and understand before you do. The law regarding towing has changed and now you can tow legally with a vehicle with a gross weight of up to 3.5 tonnes (not including minibuses) without the need to take a further test. What should you do? you really should seek training, in the New Year there will be a new accredited towing course launched by the DVSA and other parties. In the meantime follow the Government's recommendations and have training with a qualified trainer who will steer you through the safety and manoeuvring elements and train you on how to tow safely on the road. The Government and DVSA advice if found below and our...

Job Opportunities for ADI’s

We are looking for Driving Instructors to join our team in the Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire areas. Ideally manual car trainers and especially for Bedford town area. We like to keep things simple at Three Shires Driving Centre Ltd, You provide a fully insured training vehicle and a good Standards Check Grade and we provide you with the following: - Regularly updated Website, Your own threeshires.co.uk email address, Progress Record Books at cost price, Regular CPC meetings, Standards Check advice and training. We will also provide you with Driving Instructor Development at a reduced cost, for example if you want to do more than train learners there are other things you can do such as Minibus, Car and Trailer, Instructor Training and so on.   How does it work? We charge you...

Dutch Reach

Have you heard of the Dutch Reach? Possibly not, it is a method to help protect cyclists from being hit by car doors opening on them. How does it work? well it is quite simple really, which ever seat you are sitting in use your opposite hand to open the vehicle door. Why? it turns your body round which gives you a better view of what may be coming up behind you and you may just catch sight of movement in your peripheral vision and prevent you from opening your door on an unsuspecting cyclist. Easy really and the Dutch have been teaching their learners this for years!! Pass it on! 

Your Seven Part Guarantee

1. You will get a fully qualified instructor

2. You will get all the help you need with your Theory and Hazard Perception tests, Oh! and of course your driving. Others leave you to do the Theory etc. on your own.

3. You will have a training record to show you how well you are doing 

4. All lessons are on a one to one basis, If you like the idea of learning with a friend we see nothing wrong with that, it saves you money, reduces learning time and helps build confidence. We will never pair you up with a stranger, the request for two to one training has to come from you or your organisation  see T’s & C’s.

5. Getting it wrong is all part of the learning process, we don’t shout or bite!!

6. We set you achievable goals. (with a bit of hard work)

7. No Gimmicks:- You want to learn – We want to teach. Come give us a try