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MiDAS, Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme

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 Central Bedfordshire Council;

For Schools and care homes etc. within Central Beds. Required to undertake either MiDAS or the equivalent  ‘Council Assessment’ to be able to drive any minibus. You are permitted to drive without passengers to get familiar with the vehicle before the assessment! This is a very good idea!

Bedford Borough Council;

All schools and care homes etc. MUST undertake the MiDAS course to be able to drive minibuses. Also anyone not familiar with driving minibuses should take the bus out before the assessment!


May make their own regulations. However all drivers of their minibus should undertake one of the courses above to satisfy the Health and Safety at work act. The school manager/head and driver will be liable to prosecution should an incident occur and the driver has not been checked and deemed to be ‘safe and competent’ showing relevant certificates/paperwork.

Contact us to make your appointment, we normally come to your school and use your minibus

The candidate must hold the D1 category on their driving licence to drive minibuses over 3500kgs.  

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