Two Bedfordshire councils are offering free driving lessons to young
drivers in March, as part of an initiative designed to reduce road
The two courses – More 16 and More Drive – take place on March
9. Both are free and available on a first come, first served basis.
The courses are funded by Luton Borough Council and Central
Bedfordshire Council, with delivery organised by highways
contractor Amey.
More 16 is aimed at giving 16-year-old pre-licence holders their
first experience of driving. At the same time, advice will be given to
parents on how to choose an ADI and how to help their children with
practising. Parents can also take a high-speed passenger ride with
professionally qualified racing driver at the Millbrook proving ground.
The other course, More Drive, offers 17-24-year-olds who have
already passed their driving test the chance to drive on a skid pan and
experience ABS braking systems, as well as practising emergency
stops at speed to demonstrate varying stopping distances.
In addition, a number of workshops covering driving skills,
maintenance, distractions and safety, will be run by the local
authorities, Bedfordshire Police and Three Shires Driving Centre Ltd.

from the DIA publication Driving Instructor.

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