You may have read that the minibus test has changed recently, the changes are small and should not adversely affect your training, the main change is the manoeuvre has been outsourced to the private sector with the DVSA only conducting ‘last resort’ CPC 3 A (reverse manoeuvre) tests. With regards to your training this will mean that you have to take the CPC 3 A test before the CPC 3 B (driving) test and possibly on separate days. 

At present and until the dust settles we will continue to use the DVSA  CPC 3 A option and we are waiting for other suppliers to come on stream to widen our options. You shouldn’t notice any change in the delivery of our first rate training however as the DVSA are still charging the original fee of £115.00 for the CPC 3 B test there will be an additional charge for the CPC 3 A test. please feel free to contact us should you require further clarification.