We are asked regularly about these types of courses where  have all your lessons in a short period of time.

Firstly of course you need to pass your theory and hazard perception tests so that we can book your practical test.

If you have no driving experience then we feel this type of course is not for you, this is because you will have nothing to reflect on in the early stages.

Learning to drive depends on you having time to reflect between lessons and for the new information you have been given to be fully understood, can you imagine starting on a Monday with your test on Friday with no time between lessons to think back and establish understanding!

If on the other hand you have had some driving experience then the learning process is much quicker.

So regular lessons, say two two-hour lessons per week, allows time for you to reflect but not too long between lessons for you to forget, you will also learn more and retain more information. Your success on test day is probably higher too.

Driving lessons are a big investment and you are learning a life skill, it is really important that we get it right from the off.