Laden testing will now be introduced for all vehicles from 30 September 2013.
Our last update on the real total mass / ‘laden testing’ requirement for minimum test vehicles said it would be introduced from Monday 30 September 2013 initially only for vehicles registered after 19 January 2007.

It also said that vehicles registered before that date could continue to present for test un-laden until 19 January 2017.

This is no longer the case.

Rules from September 2013

From Monday 30 September 2013 all vehicles in the following categories (regardless of when they were first registered) must turn up for test with a load:

C, C+E
trailers of categories B+E, C1+E
trailers of categories D+E, D1+E

The weights which will affect Three Shires Driving Centre Towing Training will be as follows: Car and Trailer the trailer will have to have 600kgs of ballast and the same applies to Minibus and Trailer.